Run Around Sue

Run Around Sue takes the idea of “just around the next corner” to another level. When visitors first happen upon Sue, their first reaction will not be their last. Whether in the day or by night, a shimmering shifting skin and a dynamic bending figure greets every visitor in a slightly different way. This is because the effect, known as moire, caused by Sue’s double skin shell is perceived vastly different by every viewer based on angle, height, distance and lighting. By day the large blue form is experienced mostly for its shape, which is unique from every angle. A play of colors is also evident during the day as the a subtly shifting pattern of blue and magenta is animated on the surface. By night the moire effect is in full splendor as an inner light shines through the shifting double skin, dappling the surrounding garden. Rather than attempting to copy or compete with the shapes or forms of the garden, Run Around Sue is interested in playing with colors and effects far different, but reminiscent of, those found in the gardens. With Run Around Sue, something fantastic awaits around every corner.

Team – Matthew Messner, Evgeniya Plotnikova - AtelierME
Messner Architecture LLC. Copyright © 2021